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GratiDoodles – Finding Joy in the Present (Downloadable Template Only)

GratiDoodles: Your pathway to joy! Combine gratitude and doodling to uplift your daily life. Experience happiness with every page!

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Discover a world of gratitude and creativity with GratiDoodles Downloadable Template – Finding Joy in the Present, your personal companion on a journey toward greater happiness.

This isn’t just a journal; it’s a heartfelt invitation to sprinkle your daily life with positivity and joy.

Research shows the profound impact of gratitude and doodling on greater happiness, GratiDoodles intertwines these practices into a delightful, simple and personalized experience.

Each page becomes a canvas for your gratitude journey, where doodles and thankful reflections connect, making space for appreciation and self-expression.

It’s more than just a journal; it’s a sanctuary to cherish life’s bright moments, being in the moment and fostering a deeper connection with the simple joys that make each day special.

Let GratiDoodles become your daily ritual, a place to go to uplift your soul and enhances your well-being, one doodle at a time!

This is a downloadable file, print at home and start your GratiDoodles today!

Learn how to create your GratiDoodles Journal here:



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