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Managing Change: Embracing the Uncomfortable

As we prepare to bid farewell to our Costa Rican chapter, I find myself grappling with a mix of emotions. Leaving a place, you have called ‘home’ away from ‘home’ is never an easy thing to do.

As the familiar tune of “School’s Out for Summer” played in the background, I watched my children walk through the door on their last day of school. However, instead of feeling excited, when I saw their faces, sombre and quiet, I felt a wave of sadness rising within me. It was in that moment that I truly understood why managing change can be so challenging.

Change comes in various forms – a change of jobs, a change in relationships, the loss of a loved one, or even changes in the world around us. Each type of change carries its own weight and complexity.

It disrupts the comfortable routines we have established and forces us to confront the unknown. It upends our sense of stability and challenges our ability to adapt.

One of the reasons why change is so hard to manage is that we have been conditioned to suppress our emotions. Society often teaches us to put on a brave face, to keep a stiff upper lip, and to soldier on. We are expected to bounce back quickly, without fully acknowledging the discomfort and sadness that comes with change. We push these feelings aside, hoping they will fade away on their own.

However, I have come to realize that this approach is not sustainable or healthy. As I observe myself, my children and my partner, I try to offer an unfiltered expression of emotions. It’s not easy, sitting in discomfort but through the tears and open vulnerability we can all find solace and healing.

In managing change, it is essential to embrace the uncomfortable emotions that arise. Allowing ourselves to feel sadness, grief, or uncertainty is not a sign of weakness; it is a testament to our humanity. We must grant ourselves permission to experience these emotions fully, to acknowledge their presence, and to find healthy ways to express them.

Creating a safe space to explore our emotions is crucial. Whether it’s through journaling, doodling, talking to a trusted friend, or seeking professional support, finding outlets for our emotions can provide relief and clarity. Embracing the discomfort, rather than running from it, allows us to process and make sense of the changes unfolding in our lives.

It is also important to remember that managing change is not a linear process. This involves ups and downs, moments of clarity, and moments of confusion. There may be setbacks along the way, and that’s okay. Change is a journey, and we need to be patient and compassionate with ourselves as we navigate its twists and turns.

As we prepare to leave Costa Rica, I am reminded that change, though difficult, is also an opportunity for growth. It challenges us to step outside our comfort zones, to embrace new experiences, and to discover hidden strengths within ourselves. By allowing ourselves to feel the full range of emotions that change brings, we can find resilience, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of who we are.

So, let us not shy away from the discomfort of change. Let us embrace it, acknowledge it, and allow ourselves to feel it. For it is in these moments of vulnerability that we discover our capacity for growth and transformation.

Quote of the week:
“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” – Benjamin Disraeli
In case no one has told you this lately, you’re amazing.

Keep Doodling!

Melissa x

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