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Elevate Your Day with Mindful Doodling

Life is filled with challenges, but achieving inner peace doesn’t have to be one of them.

Discover the secret sanctuary of mindful doodling. All it takes is a few minutes, a pen, and an open heart to experience the transformative power of doodling mindfully.

Get the most powerful Mindfulness exercise ever.

Get all the benefits of an 1-hour mindfulness meditation in 10 minutes with your FREE Mindful doodling practice.

Unlock the Science of Mindful Doodling: The Ultimate Stress-Relief Tool

The Science and Benefits Behind Mindful Doodling:

Doodling isn’t just an act; it’s a science-backed pathway to serenity. Studies show that engaging in artful expression can lower cortisol levels in up to 75% of participants.

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Kickstart Your Mindful Doodling Journey Today

Pick Your Place to Start

Doodle Kits

Unleash your creativity and melt away stress with our Build a Doodle Kit. Equipped with a book, a pen, and a dash of imagination, you'll find it's your go-to for mindful relaxation.


Unlock the secrets to a balanced life with our curated courses. Designed to infuse calm, clarity, and equilibrium into your daily routine, these courses are your roadmap to personal growth.

Personal Coaching

Dive deep into emotional awareness with our Heartwork Coaching. Using doodles as a lens, we help you identify and break through the obstacles that have been holding you back.

The Benefits of Mindful Doodle Breaks

reduce stress icon

Reduce Stress

Doodling is a proven, highly accessible way to help the mind relax, so it can process and integrate information.

drive innovation icon

Drive Innovation

Doodling helps connect seemingly disparate ideas and makes creativity come alive to fuel new ideas and innovation.

manage emotions icon

Manage Emotions

Doodling is a safe method to process emotions, converting negative feelings into a neutral balance, without judgment.

increase focus icon

Increase Attentiveness

The act of doodling while listening tells the brain to pay attention, helping people recalling 29% more information!

mood boost icon

Happiness Boost

The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression. Playfulness in life, including work, increases satisfaction and purpose.

improve productivity icon

Improve Productivity

Doodling is an easy way to focus the mind. In five minutes it can completely refuel much needed energy and a sense of clarity.


Fatimah Purchased Personal Coaching

One of the best things anyone could ever tell me with confidence was that the 'after' state that I would like to get to is totally possible. My life has changed so much in such a short amount of time going through life coaching with Melissa.

Maureen Purchased a Doodle By Number For Dog Lovers

I received the doodle by numbers for the dog lover as a Christmas gift. I didn’t think much about it till I was sitting around one night looking for something to do. Well, I started and didn’t stop! I love it . I highly recommend getting one for yourself. It was more mind clearing than colouring.

Jeff Purchased Master Your Time

The 'Master Your Time' course was transformative. With just three 35-minute sessions and a fillable workbook, I gained insights into my emotional triggers and how they impacted my time. The best part? I could go at my own pace, making it both convenient and effective.

Meet Melissa

There was a time when I took pride in moving at the speed of light! Running professional creative businesses from BC to a design firm in London, UK. Before long it was Scotland, Australia and finally back home to the East Coast of Canada.

Unsurprisingly, one day my body and mind quit. Stress, anxiety, overall burnout, auto-pilot. Sound familiar? I vividly remember sitting at my dining room table wondering how to take a break. I started doodling circles, one doodle at a time. And I had no clue what would happen, but I had an incredible sense of calm. I felt, very much, a spark of joy! I hadn’t felt that in a while. I knew I had to follow that. How could doodling such a simple shape allow instant calm?

I followed that question to create Doodle Breaks!

meet melissa

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